We deliver projects from concept to construction.

We are a small architectural practice dedicated to designing spaces for the people and environment by:


getting to know our clients and listening to their needs and aspirations allows us to determine project fundamentals and ensure compliance with statutory authorities for a smoother process.





we take an integrated design approach. This means a design that works hard in all areas to deliver a cost-efficient, low maintenance, practical and efficient solution. To us, this is true sustainability.


clear & effective information is our aim, taking time to discuss the brief with clients, presenting ideas using visual diagrams, and technical drawings delivered using the latest BIM software. We strive to make the whole process accessible and comprehensible so that the client is with us every step of the way.


to deliver accessible and comprehensible information using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and 3D BIM (Building Information Modelling) to ease communication and accurate coordination with the rest of the design team

Meet our Team


Antonia Bengono

Antonia delivered master planning residential schemes in Geneva at MSV Architects Urbanistes. She gained expertise in high-profile commercial & school projects in Glasgow at Keppie Design. Most recently, she gained experience in industrial design at Chetwoods Architects in Birmingham. Now, she is focusing on small-scale housing, working closely with clients to realise their dream spaces.

Passivhaus Designer

Suzannna Kwong

Suzanna has delivered several Passivhaus projects including schools and housing during her 5 years at Architype, one of the leading practices for sustainable design in the UK. She has a passion for pragmatic and elegant design solutions. She has collaborated with ALNBM as a freelance consultant since 2020.

Architectural Assistant

Vanshika Halan

Vanshika gained her qualifications from the University of Nottingham and joined ALNBM in 2022. As an architect she feels especially inclined to maximise the use of existing spaces by understanding the site's history and clients requirements. She is currently working with ALNBM to help design the perfect homes for clients and aims to have a career in real estate architecture.

Architectural Assistant

Jason Yeung

A graduate from the University of Huddersfield and joined ALNBM in 2022 as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant. His aim is to work with ALNBM to deliver the best possible solutions to the client. He is also keen on the impact of architecture and human health and focuses on the wellness of people who occupies the space.

For new business enquiries, please contact:


0121 682 9315